Power to Change

//Power to Change

The world has witnessed political revolutions, medical triumphs, and technological innovations – all that promised a change.

Has politics, however, become free from corruption? Bernie Sanders, US Senator, said in 2015, “The millionaire class and the billionaire class increasingly own the political process, and they own the politicians that go to them for money.”

Have the medicines completely eradicated our health issues – physical and mental? NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, claims that 1 out of five adults in America are suffering from mental illness every year. Meanwhile the global pharma market is booming like never before.

Has technology improved the quality of people’s lives? We have fast cars and jet planes to move around but hardly any fresh air to breathe. The recent technological revolution of shale gas production in the US might have lowered the oil prices, but isn’t it horrible for our environment?

Only a change of heart – from that of selfish passion to selfless service – will empower us to facilitate a truly better change in the world.

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