Arpit Jain, MBA Candidate at University of Oxford

/Arpit Jain, MBA Candidate at University of Oxford

In this fast-paced world, when we can’t find time to read and understand the great texts like Bhagwad Gita, this course summarizes the core in a very simple way. It’s like giving a red pill by coating it blue. Being so nicely crystallized, every dialogue takes you to a deeper level of thinking and understanding which arouses the curiosity to know further. The idea of reading spirituality may appear dry to many. However, the practicality of this course owing to use of real-life examples coupled with apt transitions at various points make it interesting. 3 hours of course i.e. just 6 mins per day can get you the wisdom of Gita in just 1 month is amazing!  – Arpit Jain, MBA Candidate at University of Oxford

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Sri Krishna spoke the Bhagavad Gita when Arjuna was experiencing the deepest of sorrows. The words of Sri Krishna didn’t just encourage Arjuna, but also permanently transformed him. Arjuna was equipped to face not just the immediate emotional turmoil, but all the inevitable ups and downs which he would face anytime in the future. Arjuna now knew how to think and act when misfortune strikes – and also when fortune strikes. Because, we humans are vulnerable – in sorrow, and all the more in happiness. And we at the sacred connect will help you connect with the immortal message of the Bhagavad Gita, so that you are equipped to face modern life with all its uncertainties – both the ups and the downs.