4 Reasons Why Self-help From Ancient Indian Wisdom is Better Than Modern Self-help

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The modern self-help industry is churning out impressive content. I too like reading trending books on self-improvement - especially the bestsellers. I also consume a lot of video content on the topic. And I deeply respect all the self-help gurus I have come across, because I have learned something from every one of them. But I am also convinced of [...]

4 Symptoms of the Uncontrolled Mind & How you can Control it

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As the war of Mahabharath loomed, the warrior Arjuna lamented, “The mind is restless, turbulent, obstinate and very strong; the mind is more difficult to control than the wind." He realized that the brawl within was a greater challenge than the battle without.   Some years ago, while traveling by train from Mumbai to Bengaluru I struck upon an insight [...]

4 Shopping Tips for Meditation, Yoga and Spirituality Shoppers

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Your mind is like a large piece of paper. The first time you meditate, it's like folding that paper. The second time you meditate, it's like taking that folded paper and folding it over again. To meditate daily is like folding that paper again, and again, and again.  If you actually refold a paper - say 50 [...]

4 Relationship Advises you can Derive from the Facebook-Crisis

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On 26 July 2018, Facebook lost $120 billion in market value, the biggest ever one-day loss by a company in American history. Stocks plummeted when the social media giant warned investors that the company's revenue growth would lower in the near future owing to an increase in its expenditure: Facebook planned "to invest heavily in security and [...]