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Sri Krishna spoke the Bhagavad Gita when Arjuna was experiencing the deepest of sorrows. The words of Sri Krishna didn’t just encourage Arjuna, but also permanently transformed him. Arjuna was equipped to face not just the immediate emotional turmoil, but all the inevitable ups and downs which he would face anytime in the future. Arjuna now knew how to think and act when misfortune strikes – and also when fortune strikes. Because, we humans are vulnerable – in sorrow, and all the more in happiness. And we at the sacred connect will help you connect with the immortal message of the Bhagavad Gita, so that you are equipped to face modern life with all its uncertainties – both the ups and the downs.

4 Relationship Advises you can Derive from the Facebook-Crisis

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On 26 July 2018, Facebook lost $120 billion in market value, the biggest ever one-day loss by a company in American history. Stocks plummeted when the social media giant warned investors that the company's revenue growth would lower in the near future owing to an increase in its expenditure: Facebook planned "to invest heavily in security and [...]

4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself to Get Over the Regrets of Narrow Misses.

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FIFA World Cup 2018. Argentinean goalkeeper Willy Cabellaro narrowly misses a chip pass in the group match against Croatia. Instead of chipping over, the ball lands in front of the opponent - Croatian Ante Rebec - who promptly fires it to the back of the net. Spectators call Cabellaro's mistake 'error of the tournament'. As the [...]

16 Thought-Provoking Quotes on Happiness and Life from Bhagavatam

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Never before was humanity dreaming as big as it is now. The endless stream of short videos that pop up in our Facebook newsfeed tell us success stories from around the world - those of today, and those of yesteryear. And almost all of them end with the punch line - you too can do [...]

Conflict Resolution – A Spiritual Approach

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by Radhanath Swami The Vedas describe the present time-period of our planet as Kali Yuga, literally meaning “an age of conflicts”, in terms of the cosmic clock. We all experience conflicts – an inseparable aspect of our relationships and interactions. What is the root cause of these conflicts? How can we master them [...]