I finished an online course by Gopinath Chandra in one go. It was that good!

Kapil Tyagi, Co-Founder and COO at Edureka

I came across Gopinath Chandra prabhu’s Gita classes at Iskcon in 2018 end. It’s been a wonderful association since then with gaining  better perspective of Gita’s message for day-to-day life and overall well-being. Plus, the scientific approach of disseminating Gita and Bhagwatam’s message (including debates and reasoned arguments behind the principles espoused in the scriptures) is profound.

Navin Gupta, Senior Director, Essar Capital

The grounded, practical, everyday life approachability of Gopinath Chandr’s teachings are what speak to me and have been speaking to me for the past 3 years. I find his teaching to have lead me in a very natural, personal development that would have been a difficult and slow process on my own.

Kanika Kapur, Founder, Spin Wealth

Gopinath Prabhuji being very learned and well read, has always been able to guide me drawing upon learnings from scriptures as well as modern self help and psychology literature. He is also very open minded and willing to logically debate rather than dogmatic about matters. I have enjoyed all my interactions with him and look forward to many more.

Abhishek Goel, Principal, Global Infrastructure Partners India

Gopinath Candra explains Vedic concepts in his sessions in a very concise, easily comprehensible, and interesting way. Moreover, his content is aligned with the current generation and modern ways and thus becomes more applicable.

Arpit Jain, Business Strategy Manager, Accenture Strategy UK