Conflict Resolution – A Spiritual Approach

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by Radhanath Swami The Vedas describe the present time-period of our planet as Kali Yuga, literally meaning “an age of conflicts”, in terms of the cosmic clock. We all experience conflicts – an inseparable aspect of our relationships and interactions. What is the root cause of these conflicts? How can we master them [...]

From Ritual to Spiritual

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by Radhanath Swami Rituals allow us to embrace the sacred powers that fuel material existence. They are our spiritual lifelines. But nowadays, many people feel estranged from the religious structures in which they were raised: the secrets behind the rituals seem the sole possessions of ancient lost civilizations and religious organizations. Besides, the rituals they have inherited do not satisfy [...]

Unity is Strength

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by Radhanath Swami How much can we achieve alone in a short life? Without cooperation, we cannot accomplish anything great. There’s a saying, “Teamwork makes a dream work.” Historically, many triumphs have been a result of unity – India's freedom from British rule, spreading of Christianity, and success of Apple Corporation. However, the reality is that [...]