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An ancient wisdom made super-relevant for modern lifestyle, and presented in a scientific light

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  • “I think Bhagavad Gita provides a deeper, spiritual perspective. But what about practical concerns like success in career, relationships, decision making, and self-esteem?”
  • “I want to explore Karma Yoga. But I’m pressed for time.”
  • “I have a fascination for Vedas, but I like to approach them scientifically.”
  • “I wanna lucid explanation of Vedic concepts. Please don’t bore me with jargon!”

If any of these sound familiar, this online course is just for you. This pre-recorded video course has 4 modules, each with several short lessons; total duration of the course is 3 hours and 15 minutes. 

I finished the course in one go. It is that good! It invites you to explore more and deep within. – Kapil Tyagi, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Edureka, Bengaluru


A thought provoking analysis of what makes us the way we are and the underlying force that drives us – all explained through the lens of the enduring scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita. Far from being an antiquated piece of literature, these videos showcase the Gita’s ever relevant necessity in our modern lives, smoothly weaving together the Gita’s timeless knowledge with contemporary examples and psychological studies. The viewer is both challenged and inspired to journey beyond unfulfilling internal and externals paradigms and experience a reality that irrevocably satisfies – Tanya Najjar, BSc Psychology and Exercise Science, Yoga Teacher, Lebanon

I consider myself lucky to have come across such a useful, informative and well designed course on the Gita and spirituality which is super relevant to the lives we live today. Far from being a collection of facts and ideas that merely validate my existing ideas of spirituality, it is something that sobered me down and made me aware of my actual reality. I think of myself as someone with a short and easily distracted attention span. Yet I found the course to be interesting and important enough to go through each module in a single session. I sincerely recommend everybody to take some time out of our insanely busy lives and go through the study material, you will thank yourself for it. – Krishna Purohit, Film Composer, Mumbai 

This course teaches how to apply the very relevant Bhagavad  Gita to every situation in my life, whether I’m at the office or at home. –Meaghan Bhat, Office Manager, New York City  

Take me to the course!

The Vedas were for the ancient Indians what Google is for we moderns. People referred to them for almost everything – and that included career advice, relationship counselling, happiness tips, and of course spirituality. These literary texts monopolized the ‘market’ for centuries, much longer than Google can ever hope to. 

If you want to try out these tomes today, it can be a bit hard though. The challenge concerns language, and especially relevance. On the face these literature may seem to address a civilization far removed from ours, but if you look closer – through the lens of a Vedic expert – you can appreciate how they transcend the limits of time.

Bhagavad Gita is a collection of 700 verses found within the epic Mahabharath.  It is the documentation of a conversation that evolved on a battlefield. Armies of two groups, the Pandavas and the Kauravas – who were close blood relatives – had assembled for a war. But just before the first arrows went flying, Arjuna, a commander of the Pandava clan broke down; he felt the war too overwhelming – emotionally. For counsel, he turned to Lord Sri Krishna, who was playing the role of his chariot driver. “I don’t want a temporary stop-gap solution,” Arjuna sobbed. “I want the mystery of life unraveled. Who are we? What makes life?What do we truly need to be happy? And how can we lead a purposeful, satisfying, and wholehearted life with meaningful relationships?”

Are’t these questions relevant even today? 

Through this introductory course, I bring to you the answers to these very queries.

Together we shall discover the building blocks that make life; we shall experience many aha moments together.  A concrete life-transforming action plan will be chalked out. Everything I say will be elaborated upon with modern research findings, and illustrated through stories from the second world war and corporate America. 

And you will witness Karma-Yoga emerge out as a promising path to personal transformation.                 


Dedication and sincerity to learn is all that is expected of you. You are given one month to complete the course. If you don’t, at the end of the month your registration will be cancelled, and you will lose all access to the contents forever.

In Vedic culture spiritual knowledge was never sold, especially because spiritual knowledge is priceless. So we don’t intend to sell this course. But like in Vedic culture, we accept guru dakshina, the donation that a student gives the teacher out of love and gratitude. All the amount that you donate, however big or small, will go towards spreading spiritual knowledge. You may either donate now, or later.

(In case we don’t receive sufficient donations, we may be forced to charge for new enrollments at a later date. Because after all, we need money to maintain our website. As of now it is free, and will remain free for you if you enroll for the course right away.)

Take me to the course!